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Note all prices are subject to change.

Video training in Doce Pares 

  • Level 1 including forms and empty hand applications/drills); 

  • Stick Grappling

  • Doce Pares Forms

Full Contact Stick Fighting (WEKAF) fighting - drills and techniques - coming soon - Check back for available dates!



  • "IMAF' Fighting System"  Karambit aluminum trainer - outstanding quality trainers featuring excellent balance and feel.   $39.95 + S&H additional - IMAF Students and members $30.00




  • "IMAF Fighting Systems" straight training  blades also coming soon!


  • Grand Master Dionisio Canete's new book "Espada Y Daga" (Doce Pares Multi Style System) is now in stock. Limited Supplies - $29.95 + S&H









  • Grand Master "Cacoy" Canete's new book "Eskrido" is in stock - supplies are very limited. $50.00 +S&H. 


  • We also have GM Cacoys new book "Eskrima Arnis Techniques - $45.00 + S&H










  • IMAF School Shirt (required for adult class) - $16.00
  • IMAF Long Sleeve School Shirt - $20.00
  • IMAF Hoodies (IMAF Logo's front and back) - $40.00
  • IMAF school Pants $35.00
  • Muay Thai Shorts - $30.00
  • IMAF Skull Cap (embroidered) - $15.00 - Out of Stock
  • IMAF Embroidered Jacket - $75 (only 3 remaining) - Out of Stock


  • Cold Steel Knives (folders & trainers)- the best knives available for the price.
  • Boxing gloves (Leather - prices vary - call for details)
  • Mexican style Hand wraps - $10.00
  • Rattan olisi (sticks) - light and heavy sticks of 29" to 32" - $20.00
  • Metal, wood and plastic training blades (metal with IMAF logo- not currently available but can be special ordered) wood - $15;  metal - $25
  • Sparring Helmets w/ Face Guard
  • WEKAF Fighting Gear - IMAF students and Association members only

Books & Videos

  • Doce Pares training books by GM "Dionisio" Canete $29.95
  • Doce Pares Videos by GM "Cacoy" Canete - $35.00 Out of Stock
  • Doce Pares training books by GM "Cacoy" Canete $50.00
  • Royler Gracie Submission Grappling Book - $29.95

We currently will make a video to "order "on a topic of your choice. You need to provide a written description of the topic you wish to see via email. We will then provide a detail of the video outline for your approval to ensure it is what you want to see. Cost depends on the length of the video which can change with the topic requested. Call or email for more information.

Check back soon for more of our pro shop offerings or call us at (973) 422-1500