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Updates 10/14/2015

Parents and Students - We have just set up a private Facebook page for parents and students only. We have curriculum videos, hits and tips on training, school rules etc for you to review. Email me and I will add you to the page if you are not already.

Congratulations IMAF Stickfighting Team - for an amazing performance at the 2015 Doce Pares  World Stickfighting Championships in Newark NJ  - 7 fighters, -7 golds

School Owners - Looking  to include a weapons program in your schools curriculum or looking to enhance your training - Consider membership in IMAF's Affiliate Program.  See ATP for details.



Looking for the best martial arts programs available today? -Welcome to IMAF  - where we are committed to providing the most effective self-defense programs in a state of the art facility. We offer a combination of martial arts styles which are integrated to provide the student with the most effective & well-balanced self-defense system available today.

Filipino Martial Arts - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/MMA - Jeet Kune Do - Kickboxing

A.C.T. Self-Defense Programs - Fitness Personal Training

If you are looking for realistic self-defense training or a way to relieve stress and get in shape then call today to set up your FREE TRIAL CLASS now.  Experience the difference that personalized attention and professional instruction can make at IMAF.

Looking for self-defense skills but limited on time! IMAF's Tactical self-defense program - our short term program designed to give you the most effective defensive skills to enable you to defend your family and yourself in any situation! We address empty hand and edged weapons strategies. Designed for those with little or no experience or those with time constraints. We've trained Iraq bound military in this intensive program!

Call us today to begin the journey of a lifetime! (973) 422 - 1500 or email us at  - IMAFNJ@GMAIL.com

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  • Doce Pares Forms  - 1 through 4

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